The Information Paradox Mission


The Information Paradox Mission is to help you protect your privacy, stay safe and keep sane on line.

You can read about why I've set up The Information Paradox by reading this post.

Style and Approach

Nothing here is intended to come across as preachy, but to be clear the reason why this website exists is to contribute to an on-going discussion about what we can do to raise awareness  about the risks and potential unintended consequences of our online behaviour.

I'm not setting myself up as an expert either. I'm just trying to work out what I can personally do to counteract some of the problems I see with how our online environment has evolved. 

Ideally there will be some conversations on this website too, so that we can share what we learn from each other. I'm researching the topic areas under discussion and will bring to your attention articles, news stories and other content which I've found useful. Please share anything you've found useful.

Ethical Statement

The Information Paradox is a website and a blog that is focused on discussing some of the perils of our online behaviour. 

I'm will also share some of the ways I've found how to combat some of the downsides to the way the internet has developed.

There's an astonishing amount of information being hoovered up by big corporations, often without us ever being fully aware of the scale of this exercise.

This is not a conspiracy theory — there are many ways to verify this claim for yourself some of which are discussed in this article.

Many people are similarly unaware of the security risks they are running. 

Both privacy and security concerns are relatively simple to mitigate against. You will find articles here which feature apps and other tools which can be used as counter-measures.  It is important to state clearly that any recommendations are based on personal experience.

This website receives no funding for any of the reviews that appear here.